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SWATeam UK: Hacking & Phreaking articles and files

Fiction: Cora - Author davethefan

'Did you upload them?' 'Yep, all 2456 of them.' 'Did he see you?' 'Just before I jumped, yeah.' 'He'll be looking for you, you know. We're rare, our type.' 'Let him look' she spat as she stubbed her cigarette out with her boot, smearing it into the trodden concrete. 'Cora, Cora Bleach.. You're Phil aren't you?' 'Yeah, how did you know?' 'I did a school report on you' she paused 'don't look like that! In the time I'm from, you';.been wanted for some suicide bombing for 80 years.' 'Sitek, yeah. I still go back to that time quite often.' 'Will you take...' and before she could finish, he interjected. 'Another time. We have to trust each other first - gauge each othes alignments' She sulked a little, but deep down could understand his reasoning - and tried to lighten the air, she slipped another cigarette out of the packet. 'I'd love to see his face, when he tries to input an insult - and it already exists - with our name!' she giggled. 'and thats 57/43% you know. I won that.' Though they'd just met, he could see [...] Read more

Fiction: SMS Attack - Author davethefan

Three weeks before the National Elections, a time when all eyes are on the politicians and their behaviour; the scrutiny they are under is intense, they are reminded daily of their popularity polls amongst the public, what the media are saying about them, and of course - what people online are saying about them. Greenflame has being assigned a mission, which caused him to remember that he hasn't seen everything - and though he bounces through time like a pinball at the hands of a pro-player, there are still some surprises out there. He only knew a little about it, and was en-route to an apartment block on the South side of the town, in the year 2037 - a time when The Internet was booming and lively, 5 years before it mysteriously resets itself to 0 bytes, and everything is wiped overnight - forcing the world to try and rekindle the lost information. All he knew, was that it was a high profile attack using a spoofed SIM card, the rest would be explained when he got there. Shadow Secretary of Personality [...] Read more

Stuff to scare children with!

Ok rather than rant on about what could be done to terrorize small children and give them nightmares, i'm simply going to point you all in the direction of our amazingly talented davethefan and his current project, "SMS Attack" quiet possibly the creepiest music video I've seen in a long time. Check out his page for frequent updates as to his work and we'll put the full version on here once its complete, in the mean time enjoy this digital masterpiece WIP.

4 Digit Code Cracking

Well the good old yellow pages arrived though the letterbox today, pretty weak booklet with a torn front cover. Oh the joys of living in the arse end of civilization and very few companies to adorn the pages with all of there o8oo numbers to use and abuse. More to the point its not exactly outside hours either, so ringing any of them will likely have someone pick up the phone. Not that having them pick up the phone is a bad thing, but I can't be arsed with any prank calls at the moment, yes its too hot and I’m impatient to troll though the numbers and I’m certainly not going to head out and roast myself to death in a phone box that reeks of piss while I hammer away at the dial pad. So, what will I do? Well lets make a start on planning a “theoretical” attack on some poor sods PBX network, my aim as world dominator of the telephone networks will basically consist of totally owning the admin box on a system, or whatever fun can be gleamed from whatever “admin” box has access too. Now there are many ways in [...] Read more

Shellter - The dynamic shellcode injection tool!

Here is a fascinating tool that should prove itself to have all manner of interesting uses. Shellter is a dynamic shellcode injection tool; it's certainly the first dynamic PE infector that I've ever come across, at the moment it only works with 32-bit applications but that doesn't detract away from its power. Essentially it will take your shell code, either something you've written yourself or something generated via Metasploit and inject it into the executable file. Now injectors have been around for a while, but not like this. Let's have a look at how to use it, explain how it works and explore a few pitfalls that are worth noting while you're using it. To begin with we'll generate some shellcode. Shellter comes with a few examples of shellcode to use, but in a real life test of such things we will be wanting to create something that does a little more than open calc.exe. So we'll be firing up Metasploit on our trusty Kali install and choose a payload to use, since we're going to be cooler than the rest of [...] Read more

More Facelifts New Design!

As you can see we have moved over to yet another platform to spead knowledge to your minds. It is my fondest hope that actually having a system whereby posts can be made directly to the site, that i will actually be arsed to update things with articles and such like that i have put together. who knows, maybe even getting back into writing we will actually get a couple more submissions and get SWAT issue 43, yes i know we said it would take 3-4 months and its been a year since the last issue. But i can assure you its currently sat safely on the hard drive awaiting completion, if you're lucky it might be out by the end of the year :p In truth tho the reason i have moved towards this type of blogging platform is to allow articles, reviews interviews or whatever to be released a couple of times a month or so in order to let everyone know that we're still alive. It will also allow for the release of information and such like as and when it happens as well as other such cool happenings like the time Brakis and [...] Read more