Est. 1998

All hail the ‘zine that stormed the scene!! We couldn’t just keep hiding it away like we did on the last site. We stand proud of what may look like a somewhat lame production nowadays, but back in the late 90’s early 00’s if you where a teenager and you wanted to hack into phones, computers, blow stuff up, or rip off vending machines then we where the go to place to be.

Before every skid on the block had a Guy Fawkes mask, we where the most influential hacking group on the planet. Read by thousands around the globe we present to you SWAT Magazine – and yes we do still release an issue every few years.
You can download the original untouched since first released copies from here via the torrent if you are an historic text file collector.

For the release to the general public and in the hope of bringing things into the 21st century a little more i’ll be combining the files, tweak the shitty asci graphics on some and may or may not fix the atrocious spelling and grammer.

All Hail SWAT Magazine, the zine of our youth! For best results view in notepad, for total nostalga use the dos version with the blue screen.
This page will eventually be updated with all the issues viewable as text, in the mean time:

SWAT Issue 42 – June 2013 [ View Online as Text File ] [ download via torrent ]
[ Grab issues 01 – 41 via torrent file here! ] – January 1998 to November 2001

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