Est. 1998

Here are some of our older text files, they where released between 2010 and 2012, after the SWATb00k but before SWAT42.

SWAT c00kb00k v1.2b – download (password: )- please note this file contains virus source code (iloveyou virus & some varients) that WILL trip your av system – the files are .txt and are harmless, just don’t rename them .vbs and run them 🙂 We have taken the SWAT b00k offline for the time being, we may put it back up at some stage, but we warned you in the past it wasn’t going to be online forever.

“Generation 2 files” – these are our “newer” files, so entertain yourself with some of the fantastic fiction by davethefan or sk00l up on hacking & phreaking; along with other mischief.

SWAT0018.txt – Bypassing PAYG Broadband Dongle Content Lock (T-Mobile)
SWAT0017.txt – Fiction: Trial of Error
SWAT0016.txt – Fiction: Delivery
SWAT0015.txt – iBahn Internet 0wnage
SWAT0014.txt – Fiction – The curious case of the maimed bomber
SWAT0013.txt – SIPVicious & Making free calls via the net!
SWAT0012.txt – Beating telephone ques!
SWAT0011.txt – iPhone – yFy Network Finder!
SWAT0010.txt – Kodak W820 WiFi capable digital frame 0wnage
SWAT0009.txt – Anonymous Mail.
SWAT0008.txt – A theoretical Inside Job.
SWAT0007.txt – Abusing Skype: Phreakers paradise?
SWAT0006.txt – Gruff
SWAT0005.txt – MillenniumPhones – 0wned
SWAT0004.txt – Surviving Police Interrogation.
SWAT0003.txt – Fruit Machine Refil Keys.
SWAT0002.txt – Digital Propaganda – 0wning Printers.
SWAT0001.txt – The Relaunch and Rebirth of The SWATeam.

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