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Get rid of Google and Facebook

Over recent months we have seen in the news that suckerburg of Facebook fame has had his ass hauled over the coals for allowing third-party companies to leech personal data from millions of people. You have all seen it in the news and you all know what i am talking about, Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Now regardless of anyones’ personal feelings over the fact that the only reason it came to light is that the company supposedly helped out the Trump campaign, it did highlight to the masses something that the rest of us already knew.

These companies own you. By these companies i mean the likes of Facebook and Google.

Lets’ be frank, they are not your friend, they do not care about you, and they have your dox. They are also in a very fortunate position that means they can manipulate you and through various means, can track you online and see what you do. This is not bullshit, this is a fact.

We were all up in arms when Edward Snowden blew the lid on Prism and what the NSA (and likely GCHQ) can monitor on the internet – remember SWAT covered Echalon back in the day, so that is not a surprise either. But lets’ be honest here, it’s far more insidious that private companies actually have more information on you than the government, these companies have an agenda and they are also answerable to nobody, to make matters worse, they are also in a position to brainwash and manipulate people.

Yes i know that last statement does seem a little far fetched, but let’s look at the facts and simplfy things a little.

Many years ago subliminal advertising was banned for TV adverts, the subtle phycological mind trick that implanted thoughts into your mind was outlawed on TV. The reason? It works, and it would work on mass. Companies were not allowed to project the idea of buying their product into the psyche of potentially millions of people.

Fast forward many decades, and what do we have? We have social media companies using the same propaganda techniques to get people psychologically addicted to their products. Well ok maybe not subliminal advertising but neurofeedback techniques, i.e your daughter posts pictures of herself and gets likes so she posts more and checks it more to see who can validate her self-esteem, then finds she gets more likes when she posts them in her underwear, so she does that more. Then she discovers she gets even more likes posting them nude on pornhub or some shit. You get the idea. Now this shit isn’t regulated. If it was done in the 50’s or 60’s it would have been banned outright. This is not the only mind trick that they use, and a simple search will show up many many more.

So what do we have? Global international companies with billions in the bank and a line into everyone’s home. On top of that they have their own idea of what the world should be like, how you should think, what you should buy and how you should live, and if you are susceptible to these things, then that is exactly who you are any how you live your life.

Do you think this is far fetched ? do you think i am talking bollocks? Do you not think that a company that’s whole business model revolves around peoples everyday lives cannot afford the worlds best psychologists to keep people addicted using techniques that propaganda experts of the worlds worst dictators would be proud of.

Now they have billions addicted, once they know they can sway opinion how they like, do you not think they are gonna use it?

So what do we do? Stop using the products is one thing, but stopping others is also more important.

Let’s break things down on to what we can do.

First off, stop using Google, they own you far more than facebook. facebook has been rapped over what they know on people as well as giving all of that information to third parties. remember, the issue they had is  that they gave that info to third parties, not that they had it in the first place.

Google is far far worse. You have a Gmail address? Google knows where you buy products, what you buy, who emails you and what sites you are a member of along with a host of other things as it routinely scans your inbox. Tt also knows what you search for, what results you get when you search, what links you click on, what links you don’t click on, it uses tracking to see what websites you visit, it many knows your DNS requests (if you use their DNS servers), most websites on the internet use googles tracking or have links to google. google owns you. Own an Android phone?  yeah dude your privacy is fucked. Android is free because they get to seriously dox every phone user that is on their service, every app you installed, every site you visited, every ad you saw,  plus all the data that app developers send back to googles servers. people mock iPhone users for buying an expensive product, but i’d rather pay a high price for a product over being the product any day.

So ditch your android phone, buy an iPhone or some shit, despite apples failings, their business model is not to mine peoples data. Hell if you hate apple enough then go out and get a windoze phone.

Ditch your Gmail  address. Get Protonmail. Pay a few quid and go professional on it, least they can’t read your emails and harvest your shit.

Use duckduckgo, totally fuckoff google.

Get rid of Chrome, get Firefox

Use plugins that stop google’s servers tracking you. Ghostery on firefox as well as others are an option.

What facebook does is very well documented, ensure you block all of those social media trackers.

As of writing Gab is  currently down, but totally ditching Facebook might be a little premature, stop posting shit on there and we will work to destroy it from within….

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