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Always keep an eye on log files

Well while I’m setting up and configuring this site, installing fail2ban setting up rules etc. I like to make sure its all working.

So i check the logs, yep its banning all of the usual bots and script kiddies.

Just bear in mind tho, if you are scanning IP addresses to try brute force your way in to servers please make sure that you don’t leave your router’s interface available to the public with an easy to guess password.

God forbid that someone would rename your SSID, strip your router of its wireless password and firewall rules, block google & facebook, and then ban the mac address of your computer and two android phones from connecting too it.

Just worth noting that’s all 😛

I wonder what else will turn up over the next few days.

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Its that time of the year again when we do stuff, including modify the website. If it looks a bit out of sorts then worry not, we will be running normal in no time
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